Best Choice Property MGMT
Best Choice Funding & Realty
Create value for Home Owner Association, by providing the best services.
Optimum believes that partnerships with our customers, vendors, and
company associates are the most effective and efficient means of
continuously improving the value we create for HOA. Best Choice continues
to strive to achieve a carefully balanced and customer-defined combination
of pro-active management, customer service, quality, and price.
Home Owner Association Management
SERVICES We offer to HOA

Effective Management for Homeowner Associations.
General Administration
Maintenance of Records & Unit Files
Board Meeting Coordination
Annual Meeting Coordination
Reporting of Management Activities
Insurance Administration
Homeowner Communications
Litigation Management
Committee Interface

Supervisory Functions
Contractor Interface
Solicitation of Proposals
Emergency Service Assistance
State Department of Education:  school reports, statistics, demographics
Local information:  local area info, statistics, events